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Privacy Policy

We have designed our privacy policy in a way that all our readers, users, and subscribers can get the most of our services in a fully hassle-free way. As we are a law abiding organization, so we leave no stone unturned to keep your privacy safe and secured. For better user experience, we recommend you once to read our privacy policy section to understand everything about information we might collect. This privacy policy page also describes how we can use the collected information, cookies, and third party involvement

Safety First

Cash Apps Contact fully respects and recognizes the right to preserve and maintain the confidentiality of everyone. Whether you are a reader, subscriber, customer, or client; we assure that you will not share your personal details with anyone else except our business associates. Note that we are a non-profit company, in order to handle the expenses; we have to run ads on our site. And to reflect the relevant ads, we have to understand the requirements of our visitors. All our business strategies are in accordance with our aim to protect all private information from falling into the wrong hands.

When we ask for Personal Information

In order to hire our quick and safe services, it is important to complete the registration form. You can find the contact form in the contact us page. We ask for personal information in registration form because we need to maintain the records to understand and gauge our performance. To complete the registration form users need to enter phone number, email id, name and concern. Apart from filling out a form, you can register yourself with the help of our associates available at the customer care department. Moreover, when it comes to fixing the issue, we might require a little more information to understand better the type of problem you're facing and its root causes. These are only two conditions when we prompt users to share their personal information. Apart from these two circumstances, we never ask for any kind of information.

Device Information

If required, we might have to know some basic details about your mobile phone, PC, or laptop. In addition to that, to get over the problem, we might ask about the software and browser you use. According to the requirement, we may or may not ask about hardware, specification, modal, serial number, or peripheral attached to it. All this information can play a very important role in resolving the problem. It is worth noting that we don't keep such information with us in our data. We just delete all this information once the problem is resolved. So, feel free to share all these information with us.

Information Protection

As we are a certified company, information protection is in our top priorities. Just to ensure the 100% protection of our user's data and information, we have allowed some of our top management guys to access the database. Moreover, at every regular interval, we carry out security checks to make sure no breach to our security system and information leakage has occurred. To ensure the full proof safety, we have made our website SSL and HTTPS enabled. It means our website is protected from all kind of digital threats and cyber attacks. You can visit our site and leave your personal information without holding any shred of fear.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies just to improve our services and better performances. Cookies also help us to gather information about visitors such as location, date, time, total spent time, and the kind of information sought by users. Just to inform you, let us be clear that we use harmless cookies files that are safe and don't cause any damage to mobile phones and computers. Also, our cookies are accepted by most of the browsers, making sure you always get the hassle-free experience. All of our cookies are for temporary use. It means, you can delete all the stored cookies by going to your browser's settings. And once you delete the cookies, you can be sure of the tracking free navigation. 

Information sharing

We don't share any kind of information except our internal team. We have different kinds of teams that work on different kinds of fields. And to complete tasks they might need to know some basic details such as type of device, browser, location, and type of problem. All these information are inevitable to share to fix the issue. Other than this, there is one more condition under which we can share your information. We can share information with our advertiser. Sharing information with advertisers has only one aim and that is to run the ads that matter to you. Note that we don't share highly confidential information with our advertiser as well. 

Do not share my information

If you want us not to share your information with anyone else, you can contact us. However, it is at our discretion whether to accept your request or not. Our top management's decision will be considered full and final. Once we receive your request for not sharing your information, we will respond to you soon and let you know the final outcome.


All the above mentioned privacy terms are inevitably part of our services. Everyone who wants to do business with us has to accept the above mentioned terms. If you are not agreeing with any section of our privacy policy, you can contact us and get more clarification. If you do not agree to any part of our privacy policy, you can stop using our services immediately. Though it is highly recommendable to once get in touch with us so we can clear your doubts.  Take one more thing on a serious note that we are not a real Cash App. We are a third-party who works independently. Use of our services will be at your own risk. Under any circumstances we can’t be held responsible for any kind of loss and damage to your device or app.