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$50 Loan Instant App Guide: Top 5 Apps To Borrow $50 or More

$50 Loan Instant App Guide: Top 5 Apps To Borrow $50 or More  class=

Are you in badly need of a $50 loan? Looking for an instant app that can let you borrow up to $50 without a bank account? If yes then wait for a minute. You should not choose and borrow money from any so-called “$50 loan instant app” randomly.

Be careful. With the rise of suspicious instant loan apps in the US, it’s harder than ever to borrow a small amount up to $50, $100, or $150 without compromising your bank account including other banking information such as debit and credit card. So, the idea here is to consider only the apps which are certified, reputable, and trusted by millions of users in the US. This article is going to cover the best instant loan payment apps that let users borrow up to $50 or more for free.  

Cash App by Block

In our list of the top five best $50 loan instant app, Cash App comes in the first position. Why? Because Cash App offers everything that you can expect from any fintech and payment app. It comes with so many benefits such as a free debit card, direct deposit, and investing features. Most importantly, Cash App lets the users (eligible users) borrow up to $500 for free. So, if you are already using a Cash App then look further. Just get straight into the banking section and check how much you can borrow for free. In case the Cash App borrow money feature is not available then consider contacting the Cash App customer service.


  • Cash App loan feature is free, instant, and paperless.
  • Cash App is a 100% encrypted payment app.
  • No credit score requires borrowing money.


  • Cash App's borrow money feature is available for only a limited number of people.
  • Only the verified users can borrow money from Cash App.

Chime online bank

The second best instant loan app is Chime. This payment app can be best described as the best first online bank as well. The best part of the Chime is the fact it is an FDIC insured and offers both types of account services – checking and savings account services. In addition to that, like many payment apps, Chime also offers fast, save, and free debit cards, direct deposit, and paycheck deposit services. Plus, it also offers a free, fast, and safe loan service. The chime loan feature is known as the Chime Spotme feature or you can say overdraft.


  • With Chime Spotme, you can borrow up to $200 for free.
  • Fee-free overdraft up to $200
  • Lower interest rate even if the borrower misses the EMI
  • Zero waiting period to borrow money.


Chime Spotme feature is available for only those who receive at least $500 in a month through direct deposit.   


If you are looking for a quick small loan without being exposed to hefty charges and a high-interest rate then Brigit can be the best choice. What I have liked the most about Brigit is the fact that it comes with high-level flexibility and simple terms of payback. On Brigit, the borrower can easily extend the date of repayment to avoid the penalties. Brigit doesn’t do the credit check which is also an appreciable thing.  


  • A good credit score is not required on Brigit.
  • No fixed and tight deadline for repayment  
  • Zero-interest rate


  • The waiting period might increase up to 24 hours.
  • A flat fee of $9.99 per month is applicable.


Dave is another fintech app that is good to meat and covers all types of small emergency expenses. Borrowing money from Dave means no overdraft and low-balance fee for a small loan with standard delivery time. If you have a Dave spending account, you don’t need to worry at all. Dave is available to your satisfaction 24*7. You always can borrow from $50 to $250 with ease of mind from Dave. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of the Dave instant loan app.


  • No interest rate for borrowing money.
  • You can borrow up to 250.
  • No credit check for all eligible users.


  • The waiting period time ranges from 8 hours to 3 days.
  • A fee of $4.99 is applicable to borrow fast money within the time window of 8 hours after getting approval.


PaydaySay is another easy-to-use and popular app in the category of the instant loan app to borrow money from $100 to $1000. If you have no problem paying back the loan in one shot then go for it and meet your requirements. But, everything is not fine with Paydaysay. You need to be careful before and while borrowing money from Paydaysay. Heavy fees and charges might be applicable if you get late in paying back.   


  • Borrowing midsized amounts from $100 to $1000 is possible.
  • Lower interest rate as long as you don’t delay in paying back.


  • The waiting period ranges from a few hours to two days after approval.
  • A good credit score is a must.
  • The interest rate might be applicable in accordance with lenders.
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