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How to Transfer Money From Gift Card To Cash App - Cash App Gift card

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In today’s high-tech and fast world, we prefer online shopping with our preferred debit and credit card, where there is a possibility of getting a higher discount. Want to know about the gift card benefits over online or offline purchases? Well, numerous online tools offer cash in the form of Gift cards for Cash app, Venmo, and many others. Many Cash App users who want to avail of maximum deals and discounts via gift cards must be wondering how to transfer money from gift card to cash app. So, here first of all we should know that Cash App does not support any gift cards. In addition, the supported credit or debit cards from American Express, Mastercard, and many others are the payment modes where you can use the gift card for your purchases. 

Why does a Cash App user prefer money transfers via gift cards?

Once you scroll to the Cash App website, you will find out the bank account linking procedure. And, here you will come to know about adding your gift card to your government-enabled cards like VISA, Discover credit card, and others which can be used at any public places like petrol pumps, gas refills, shopping complexes, and others. However, in case any users do not prefer to use the gift cards and require cash out, the gift card can seek how to transfer money from gift card to cash app. In addition, users want to send the cash to their near and dear ones by encashing it from the gift card into their respective bank accounts. 

What gift cards are accepted to transfer money on the Cash App?

As we all know, we can not instantly use gift card money transfers to Cash app. However many government-enabled cards have tie-ups to gift cards like VISA(Vanilla visa card), American Express, etc. However, the Cash app does not accept many retail giants offering gift cards like Amazon, Best buy, and many more. Many legit Cash App gift card sites offer their gift cards like Swagbucks, lift points, Mistplay, and many similar to this. And, you can easily add to your cash app via the credit card details and add your preferred gift card. Moreover, if you want to transfer money from a gift card to a cash app, here are the simple steps to follow: 

  • Go to your devices search bar and type the Cash app website name or you can also enter the Cash app installed.
  • After scrolling down to the Cash App’s menu you can find and click on the Cash tab and add to desired credit card and remove the previously added card.
  • Once you find the add card section, you can enter the card’s details like expiration, CVV, and card number and process it.
  • After that, you can add your registered and activated gift card details to this section.
  • All gift cards carry a certain amount of transferable money and act as your prepaid debit card. 
  • So, the money transfers can be done using Paypal, Venmo, and many other supportable tools to the Cash App account. 

So, hopefully, the Cash App or its legit website will find a way for money transfers from gift card to Cash App easily and it is usually free of cost depending upon your bank’s cards.

Cash App Gift Card FAQs

  • Can I transfer money from my Visa gift card to my bank account?

Yes, you can surely do it, and for this, you need to have a linked account with PayPal, Venmo and other supported apps. So, that your linked bank account could receive the Visa gift card money.

  • I am carrying an Amazon gift card. How can I transfer the money to my linked account on Cash App?

Well, the Cash app does not support Amazon gift cards. No retail gift cards can be added directly to Cash App like Amazon, and others. So, there is no point in money transfers which shall be done through prepaid gift cards.  

  • Can I transfer money from an American Express gift card to Cash App?

Yes, the Cash app supports American Express credit cards and offers to add and transfer money from gift card to Cash App.

  • How can I earn free gift cards and redeem it on Cash App in cash?

Yes, it is possible to earn gifts by playing popular games, participating in surveys, by referral programs on cash App, or through online shopping. As well as many apps promote their seasonal deals and discounts via gift cards during holidays, travel deals, and many others. So, you can probably participate and earn rewards points or free gift cards. 


Finally, we have discussed the evident points on how to transfer money from gift card to cash app. And, we came to know which gift cards are accepted and liable to proceed with money transfer from gift card to cash app. However, we can also find easy ways to link your personalized credit card and gift card details to the cash app via its legit website or the mobile app. Expectantly with all the relevant aspects of gift card acceptance and its money transfer is cleared on this guide.

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