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Stop Paying Fees! Learn How to Put Money on My Cash App Card for Free?

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Stop Paying Fees! Learn How to Put Money on My Cash App Card for Free?  class=

Something fun and unique with a Cash App debit card is that you can put money on your Cash App card without visiting a physical bank to deposit cash or a cheque. 

In addition to that, you can add a Cash card to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

I am a citizen of the UK, but working in the US. I use a Cash App account and debit card to transfer, receive and spend money. After opening a Cash App account, I never need to visit a physical bank to deposit money. So, how do I load my Cash App card? I take help of three simple methods mentioned in this blog to add funds to my Cash App debit card. 

 3 Free Methods to Mastering the Art of Adding Money to Your Cash App Card 

  1. Seamless Transaction - Transfer Money Onto Your Cash App Card from Debit Card
  • Open your Cash App account and go to the screen where you transfer and receive money from other users.  
  • Now go to the tab where you check how much you have in your account. 
  • When you reach the section where you can see money in your account, hit the add cash button at the top. 
  • After clicking add cash, you will see a short screen with an option to choose how much money you want to add to your cash app card. 
  • Select the amount and click on the add button below. 
  • Then if you want to check your linked banks, click on your profile icon, tab linked banks, and choose your debit card. 

Congratulations, your transaction is successfully done. 

  1. Financial Freedom Made Easy - Load Money on your Cash App Card by Doing a Bank Transfer 
  • Go to your Cash App account and open the tab where you send and receive money from different users. 
  • From there, open the section where you check how much money you have in your account.
  • Now scroll down and click on the bank transfer tab. 
  • After opening the bank transfer app, add your bank routing and account numbers. 
  • Now click on the done green button at the bottom. 

You nailed it! Bank transferred money to your Cash App card. 

  1. Maximising Convenience - Load your Cash App Card with Money through Direct Deposit 
  • Login to your Cash App account and go to the column where you check your money transferred details. 
  • Now go to the section where you see your account balance. 
  • Go to the direct deposit section below. 
  • Add your employer by manually setting up direct deposit using the routing and account numbers. 

Money will be credited to your Cash App Card as fast as your employer's direct deposit.


Loading your Cash App card with a lot of money is simple and tax-free. You can add money to your Cash App debit card using the three methods described in the blog above. After putting money in your Cash App card, you can withdraw money from ATMs. On the other hand, you can use a Cash App card online or offline at a shop, store, etc., that accepts a visa.

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I have been using Cash App for the past few years. In this blog, I help Cash App Users with their Problems and Offer Troubleshoot solutions on everything Cash App-related Problems.

Disclaimer: The intention of using trademarks, images, logos, and brand name is for information and referral only and not intended to act as Cash App representatives. We do not provide any service and are not Cash App representatives. This is just an educational blog run by a long-time Cash App user and a lover of the app and its service.