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How Do I Link My Netspend Card to Cash App? Quick Analysis

How Do I Link My Netspend Card to Cash App? Quick Analysis  class=

Are you looking for a method to link a Netspend card to Cash App? Or wondering how to send money from Cash App to Netspend? If yes, then your search ends here. In this quick helping post, we will uncover the facts about whether or not you can link a Netspend card to Cash App. But, if you are not a great fan of reading articles then you can contact us and discuss your concern with our Cash App experts.

Can you add Netspend prepaid debit card to Cash App?

If you have ever used a Cash App to send and receive money from your contact or to make fast payments then you must be aware of the fact that Cash App does support most of the debit and credit cards issued by all authorized banks. 


Whether you have a debit card of Visa or Mastercard, or a credit card of any of these two companies, you can always use them as a payment method on Cash App. Apart from the Visa and Mastercard, Cash App supports cards of American Express and Discover. It means, all these supported cards you can add to Cash App and use them as a payment method. But, the million dollar question is- can you link your Netspend card to Cash App? Answer is - No.


What is important to understand is that first Netspend is not a bank. Even though the Netspend cards perfectly look like the typical bank debit cards, they are not in reality. Netspend offers prepaid cards only. And Cash App does not support prepaid cards except the government enabled cards. In addition to that, the Cash App does not support gift cards as well.


It is worth noting that when you make payment through a prepaid card then it means you are spending money that you have already loaded onto the card. And when the card is left with no money then you load it with money. More specifically, a Netspend card could be loaded with money in multiple ways. For example, you can visit a retail store or transfer money from your bank account to your Netspend card. Plus, one can request money from other Netspend card holders. 


How do I link my Netspend account to my Cash App? Prepaid card

If you have ever linked a debit card to a Cash App, you might remember that card details are used to set up a debit or credit card. The same is true with a prepaid card. If you have a government enabled prepaid card such as card for tax refund, stimulus payment, unemployment aid then you definitely can use their details and add them to your Cash App as a payment method. Be warned against using the Netspend card details on Cash App as it will not help in anyway. The process to add Netspend card to Cash App is quite different.

Before you proceed to add a Netspend card, make sure you delete your current card you have already added on Cash App. Why? Because Cash App supports only one debit card at a time. To add a new card you need to delete your old already added card. Also, you need to find out the Netspend routing number and bank account number first. After that you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • So, as a first step, open a Cash App mobile application on your phone.
  • Select the banking tab from the bottom left corner.
  • Now select the "add bank account" option.
  • The next step is to select "add manually" banks.
  • Now here comes a screen where you need to enter your Netspend routing and account number.
  • Just do as mentioned on the screen and complete the procedure.

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How to send money from Cash App to Netspend?

Now as you have learned how to link a Netspend debit card to Cash App, now let's proceed to our next important question. How to send money from Cash App to Netspend? It is super simple to transfer money from Cash App to Netspend if you have connected them to each other. Have a quick look on the simple steps to follow to send money from Cash App to Netspend:

  • Select the balance tab from the Cash App home screen.
  • Select cash out and choose the type of transfer.
  • Enter the amount that you want to transfer from Cash App to Netspend card: Instant or Standard.
  • Finally, once again press the cash out button money will switch to your Netspend.
  • If you face any kind of problem in transferring money from Cash App to Netspend, then feel free to contact the Cash App customer service
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