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Cash App Transaction History: View, Download And Delete

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Cash App payment history

In this busy world, we often find it hard to remember the Cash App payments we made. And when it comes to small payments, they are even easier to forget. Yet, who we make the payments to, how much money we send them, and when the transactions are made; are three very important factors concerning our finances. The need to check your Cash App transaction history can arise at any moment. Whether you need to show it for a stipend or provide these transactions for legal purposes. As a consumer, it is your right to have your Cash App past payment history accessible to you free and easy. 

And if you are here to know more about the same, let us not waste any time and get right to business. There are many things that come to mind in regard to the Cash App history. “How do I view my statements on Cash App?” and “How to clear Cash App transaction history?” are among some most frequently asked questions by Cash App account holders. So, in this blog, we are going to inform you of some very crucial selective information about the Cash App transaction record.

How do I view my transaction history in Cash App?

If you were not aware, Cash App history records play an important part in tracking our finances, realizing our expenditures,s and identifying errors. On top of that, statements work as physical proof of transactions (sending and receiving money). If you want to access your Cash App statements on phone then open Cash App on your phone. Go to the “personal” section. Find and click on documents. Choose monthly statements. Select a month. 

Sounds easy, doesn't it? But there is more. You can also look up your Cash App payment record on your desktop. Check out the steps mentioned below to easily view your Cash App past payment records. 

  • Open your desktop and visit the Cash App website. 
  • Do your Cash App login.
  • Take a glance at the top-right hand corner, and click “Statements”. 
  • Choose the statements according to months.

How to print out Cash App transaction 

In many circumstances, you may be required to have these transactions on paper. And lucky for you, you can easily download Cash app transaction history. All you need to do is follow the steps written below:

  • Open your browser, and attend to Cash App's official website.
  • Log in to your Cash App card account. 
  • Present on the left-hand side will be the “Activity” tab. Select that.
  • At the top on the right will be the “Statements” option. 
  • Choose to export CVS. 

Once you successfully download your Cash App transactions, you can use your computer’s print command to print out the transactions. If you are using your phone, you can take the Cash App transaction history screenshot.

How do I check my cash card transactions? 

Here is the best part about Cash App statements, all your transactions are stored in one place. You don’t get separate statements for card payments, online purchases or cardless transactions. Isn’t that convenient? All you need is available in just one place. 

How to delete Cash App transaction history? 

Cash App will provide the highest level possible for the safety of its users. They also ensure that no illicit or illegal activities take place on their platform. To avoid the risk of scams through fake Cash App transaction history, the financial technology company in America does not allow a user to delete transaction history. 

Cash App terms and conditions state that for security purposes, a user cannot delete a translation history or any part of it. Not even one transaction can be deleted once it finally reaches the recipient. 

However, there is one way to get around this Cash App policy. Now you might be excited to know what the catch is here. When you're up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget that the initial objective was to drain the swamp. Do you see where we are going? If not, let us explain. There is no easy way to say this. So, here is the thing, when you delete your Cash App account, all your transaction history and statements are deleted permanently. 

This might sound upsetting, but there is no other alternative to this yet. But on the bright side, you can open a new Cash App account with the same phone number and email address, and also link to the same bank account as your previous bank account. In addition, your preceding information will not be restored either. 

How to delete Cash App account?

There are a few things that are imperative for you to delete your Cash App account. You cannot delete a Cash App account if there are any ongoing disputes or if your account is restricted. Also, no overdraft or balance should be there, otherwise, you will not be able to delete your Cash App account. 

If your need for deleting your Cash App history is greater than keeping your Cash App account, then do not be hesitant in following the steps provided below. Here is how you can delete a Cash App account on your phone:

  • Open the Cash App on your phone.
  • Log into your Cash App account.
  • Tap on your Support.
  • In the profile section, scroll down to “Account settings”.
  • Find and select, “ Close my Cash App account”. 
  • Agree to the information on the screen, and hit “Confirm”. 
  • Wait for the verification email from Cash App customer service. 

When the verification is complete, you will receive another email from the Cash App customer service, confirming that your Cash App account is deleted. Along with that, your Cash App payment history will also be deleted permanently. 

Let us now answer two basic questions about the Cash App transaction statement. 

Is Cash App transaction history public?

No, unlike any other payment apps in America, your transactions are completely private. Your Cash App total sent and received amount will stay under the blanket as long as it is with Cash App. So, if you are deleting your Cash App payment record because of privacy concerns, then there is nothing to worry about. 

Can cash app transactions be traced? 

If you are using a Cash App card for kids, then your transactions can be seen by your parent or guardian. Meaning, that if you are a minor using the Cash App account, then your parents or guardian can access your Cash App monthly statements and also track your activity.

And for those doing frauds, Cash App can legally trace your activity. Once they suspect questionable movements in your Cash App account, they can send your transaction history to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for further interrogation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clear my Cash App history?

Cash App is a peer-to-peer convenient money transfer app brought to us by advancing technology. With Cash App, we can simply send money on our phones. Also, if you are a Cash App user, you should know that you can view all your transaction history. To view history, tap the clock icon you see in the bottom-right corner and then open the activity tab. But, the users can’t clear Cash App  history and with Cash App there’s no need to do so. There is no way or option in the app to delete the transaction history because all of your transactions are already private. It means, only you and other people involved in the payment can see it. 

How do I delete transactions on Cash App 2022?

Do you want to know how to delete transactions on Cash App in 2022? Or can you delete transactions on Cash App 2022 or not? The short answer is No, you can’t delete transactions on Cash App 2022. On the app, there is no way to delete transactions on the Cash App. In fact, there is no need to delete transactions on Cash App 2022. This is because, all the transactions are private, it means no one except sender and receiver can see the transactions. All transactions are private and therefore, you and the other person involved in it can see it. 

Can I delete Cash App history?

No, you can’t because there is no option or way to delete Cash App history. Not only Cash apps, all other financial apps also keep records of all transactions. Here some apps, like venmo have an option to make it social and the users can also make the transactions private. With Cash App, there is no need to make transactions private as all the transactions are already private. Cash App users can’t delete Cash App history, if someone wishes to delete the transaction history he/she also needs to delete Cash App account. On the Cash App, you can see history on the bottom-right corner and open the activity tab. 

How to delete cash app history

If you want to know how to delete Cash App history’ then, there is no way. However, you can choose to hide or delete the Cash App account permanently. If you are hedging to delete the Cash App account permanently, to download and save payment history might be a good idea. You can follow these steps to check the recent transactions. Firstly, open Cash App and tap the main icon present at the bottom of the page > then Activity tab and then, tap on Payment options to see the transactions you have made recently. The users can also download the Cash App payment history. 

How to delete Cash App history iPhone?

If you are a Cash App user and searching for how to delete Cash App history iPhone, the answer is, No. You can’t delete Cash App history or transaction history. But anyhow you want to delete, you have to delete your Cash App account permanently. Before you delete the account, it is better to download transaction history. The users can also hide all the transactions they have made. You can neither delete Cash App history iPhone nor Android. Also, there is no need to delete transaction history, because all it is already private. It means only the app users can see it. 

How to delete Cash App history on android? 

The Cash App users are not allowed to delete Cash App history. They can neither delete Cash App history on Android nor on iPhone. This is because Cash App is a financial app that lets you send and receive money and it keeps record of all transactions taking place. 

But, the users can hide the transactions they want to. The only option to delete history is to delete your Cash App account permanently. In this way, the users can delete transaction history and other data permanently when you delete your account. It is a good idea to delete transaction history before you delete your account. 

How to clear Cash App history?

The users can’t clear Cash App history as per Cash App terms & conditions. But, you can follow the ways so that no one can see it. You can hide the transaction you want to. To hide the transaction, go to the transaction page and next to the transaction, you get the “hide’ option. You can tap it to hide any transaction made. If you want to delete, it is only possible with deleting your Cash App account permanently. If you think it is better to delete the account permanently, delete it. You can also download your transaction from the Settings.

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