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Since its inception, Cash App has always been in demand due to a broad range of reasons. Merchants love to use Cash App to receive payments from their customers as it is fast and safe to use. On the other hand, non-businessmen prefer to use a Cash App as it is simple and convenient to send and receive money from family and friends. Cash App has everything that one can expect from a quality payment app. At the time of setting up an account, Cash App gives the choice to choose the type of account one wants to create: Personal or Business. People who chose business over personal, contact us and ask a question- how do I change my Cash App from business to personal? While others want to know whether or not they can change their Cash App back to personal.

Before you change your Cash App account from business to personal or vice versa, it is important to understand the difference between Cash App for business vs. personal account. As I don't want you to regret it later on, I am going to explain everything that you need to know about the Cash App for business and personal accounts. At the end of this post, you will get an overview of how to change a business account to a personal account on Cash App. So, let's start:

What is the difference between Cash App personal and business?

If the truth is told, there are more similarities and fewer differences between Cash App for business and personal accounts. Both are free to download, set up, and store money. Plus, in terms of features, Cash App business and personal accounts both are the same. For example, features like Cash App direct deposit, cash card, borrow money, and cashtag all are the same except for one thing. And that is the fact that eligible business account holders get a 1099-k and 1099-B form to report taxes. Another difference between the business and personal account lies in the Cash App fee structure.

Note that Square Cash App charges 2.75% on business accounts for receiving each payment but for personal accounts it is free. The rest of the fee such as instant bank transfer is the same for both business and personal accounts which is $1.5% or at least $0.25. Also, the fee for cash withdrawal at ATM is chargeable up to $2. Any payment made through a credit card on either of the accounts attracts a fee of up to 3%.

How do I change my account on Cash App?

As you have learned about the differences between the Cash App personal and business account, now let's proceed to our next important question. How can you change your Cash App from business to personal or vice-versa? It is super simple. If you have access to your Cash App mobile application you can change the type of your account for free within a few seconds. You need to navigate through your profile section and follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

How to Change Your Cash App From Business to Personal?

Even if you are a merchant but do not receive more than $20,000 or make more than 200 transactions in a month then using a personal Cash App account will be a smart decision. So, without any second thought just do as mentioned below:

  • So, as a first step, open Cash App.
  • Now from the top right corner select the round-shaped profile button.
  • After that from the drop-down menu tap the personal button.
  • Move down and at the bottom of the screen, you will find "Change Account Type", select it.
  • If you are sure about changing your account from business to personal on Cash App then scan your finger or enter the PIN.
  • Now immediately your Cash App business account will change to the personal one.

 How to Change Your Cash App from Personal to Business?

When it comes to receiving money, Cash App for business is not free. But, let's not forget that other payment gateways and payment apps are also not free. In comparison to all other options available for receiving payments from customers, Cash App fees are quite less. If your business requires you to receive more than $20,000 in a month then Cash App for business account must be your first choice. Gladly, you can change your personal Cash App account to business with the help of the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Cash App and get into your profile.
  • Select the personal tab.
  • After that select the change account type.
  • Enter the Cash App PIN or scan your touch id to confirm the changes.

How to set up Cash App for business

If you are running a business, you need to set up a trusted payment option for sending and receiving payments. Perhaps, Cash App is the best substitute for payment options. It is a trusted and easy to use platform. If you want to set up a Cash App for business, follow these steps. Firstly, click on the profile icon> then, click on Edit profile option > Now, find Switch to a business account option and click on the green Change Account option there> Then, accept the confirmation message>lastly, click on the banks connected and follow the prompts. 

Note: Personal account is default set up for Cash App

How to use cash app for business

If you frequently send and receive payments on Cash App, you might be running a business. But there is a limit on transactions if you make payments using a personal account (default). You can make transactions limitless when you set up and use Cash App for business. The Cash App users should remember that a personal account is the default account and they need to switch the account to a business account. Switching a personal account to a business account is very simple and they can do it on Cash App. On the home screen, click on the profile icon and follow the prompts to use Cash App for business. 

How much does cash app charge for business account

Cash App is a trusted versatile payment service platform. It has two types of charges: Instant direct deposit charge and business account transaction charge. There are no limits on sending and receiving money on the platform. However, Cash App charges for business account with a 2.5% per transaction fee. Also, there is a 2.75% fee if Cash App business customers accept credit cards while non-business users are charged with a 3%fee for accepting credit cards. Cash App charges business accounts as there are no limits on sending and receiving money on the platform. So, i think, your question for ‘how much does Cash App charge for business accounts’ is clear now. 

What is cash for business on cash app

If you have a Cash App in your phone, the default account is personal. But the users can switch to a business account anytime on the app. Having a business account or Cash for business on Cash App lets you enjoy some benefits not available with a personal account. With a Cash for business account, you have no limits on sending and receiving money. However, there is a flat 2.5% per transaction fee and Cash for business accounts also charge a 2.75% fee for accepting credit cards. Another benefit for Cash for business accounts is that these customers get instant deposit for free. Here, personal account holders need to pay a fee for instant deposits. 

How to get cash app for business

You are asking for ‘how to get Cash App for business’ it means, you might be running a business account. Well, it is quite simple to get a Cash App for business. When you install and launch the app, you get a Cash App for personal account by default. But, you can easily switch your Cash App for business to enjoy certain benefits. The users can make unlimited transactions with a business account with a 2.5% per transaction fee. With a Cash App business account, users get instant deposits for free. Coming to the point, you can get a Cash App for business by clicking on the profile icon on the home screen of the app and following the prompts to complete the switching from a personal to a business account


Simplicity is quite evident in everything that Cash App does. The same level of simplicity lies in the process of changing Cash App from business to personal or personal to business. As you have read this post now proceed and change your account type as you wish. If you face any kind of problem, feel free to contact the Cash App customer service

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