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How to Add Someone on Cash App? Find and Invite friends on Cash App

How to Add Someone on Cash App? Find and Invite friends on Cash App  class=

Square Cash App by far is the best payment app. People who use Cash App say that Cash App is a really fast, safe and convenient payment app in comparison to others. Good news is that one can make Cash App more convenient and appropriate by adding family, friends, and contacts. Plus, you can earn a Cash App referral bonus upon the successful new sign up. If you are also using Cash App without knowing how to find someone on Cash App then this post is for you. In this quick post, we are going to teach you how to add people on Cash App.

In addition, you will also learn about how Cash App referral bonus works and what to do when your referral bonus is pending on Cash App. So, let's get started without any further delay.

Can I add someone to my Cash App account?

Almost all the banks let the account holders create a joint account. It means, two or more than two people can own one account. The fact is, there are some such payment apps that allow two people to have one account. PayPal app is the best example that lets you add someone as the second account holder of an account. But, this feature is not available on Cash App. It means, you can't add someone to your Cash App account as a co-owner. As of now only one person can have one account on Cash App. For more information about joint Cash App accounts, feel free to contact the Cash App customer service.

How to find someone on Cash App by their name?

It is important to share contacts with Cash App if you want to find out who uses Cash App and who doesn't from your contact list. Once you allow the Cash App to access your contact list then you can find someone on Cash App with name, phone number, and email id. So, if you have downloaded Cash App and set up your account then tap the request button and then enter the name in the search box to find the person whom you want to request money from.

In case you want to add someone on Cash App and want to earn $15 as Cash App referral bonus then the process to find someone is quite different. These are the steps to follow:

  • First launch Cash App mobile application.
  • Tap your profile icon.
  • An option that reads "Invite customers, get $15" will come to your view. Select it.
  • Now Cash App will ask for your permission to access your contacts. Tap Allow and Continue.
  • The next screen will open up with a "To:" section where you need to enter either the phone or email id of the person whom you want to invite on the Cash App.
  • After that tap the "Get $15" and your unique Cash App downloading link will reach your selected friends.

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How to add someone on Cash App by cashtag?

It's quite a funny question. Why? Because cashtag is a unique id that only those people can create who have an account on Cash App. So, this question does not make any sense. Needless to say that only those people could be added on Cash App who doesn’t have account on Cash App. And if someone has no account on Cash App then the cashtag id would also not be available. So, drop the idea of finding someone on Cash App by cashtag id. 

Cash App invitation bonus pending     

A large number of Cash App users know that Cash App offers the free sign up bonus up to $15. But, many users don't know how Cash App referral bonus works. Note that Cash App does not give referral bonus for just sharing the Cash App downloading link with family and friends. It is important that the receiver completes the set up and sends up to $5 at least money within the first fourteen days using your referral code. Only then you can earn free Cash App money or you can say Cash App referral bonus. Otherwise, your bonus will always be pending on the Cash App.

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