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Cash App Stimulus Check: How to Use Cash App To Receive Stimulus Check

Cash App Stimulus Check: Can You Use Cash App To Receive Stimulus Check  class=

What has amazed me a lot is the fact that many people use Cash App but they don't know that they can use Cash App to receive stimulus checks from the US Government. According to the reports Cash App has processed more than $16 million successfully to its more than 1.5 million eligible users.

However, apart from the Cash App, one can use his bank account as well to get paid from the Government. Now the question is - why choose a Cash App stimulus check over a bank account? Answer is simple. Cash App is fast, simple, safe, and convenient. Though it is not like that one can't come across Cash App stimulus check problems.

As the time to get 4th stimulus check is approaching fast I am sure you would not like to miss it. Above all, you certainly would not like to see it getting failed or pending. If you are nodding your head in yes then read this post carefully or contact us to ensure the smooth withdrawal of your paycheck to your wallet.

How to enable government check on Cash App?

Note that only having a Cash App installed on the phone does not make you eligible for stimulus check. It is important to meet the applicable terms for getting paid from the Government. Otherwise, your expected Cash App stimulus check will surely fail.

Second point to bear in mind is that government checks must be enabled on your Cash App. It means, the direct deposit feature must be enabled on your Cash App account. If you have not enabled direct deposit on Cash App then act fast and enable it right now. These are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the Cash App on your phone first.
  • Tap the "My cash" or "Banking tab".
  • Now select "Transfers and Deposits".
  • After that, just below your balance, you will find your routing number and account number.
  • Use your routing and account number on the IRS portal or any other concerning site of paycheck issuer to receive your government check including your stimulus check. 

How long does it take for Cash App to deposit stimulus check?

It's difficult to say when your stimulus check will hit your wallet. The successful withdrawal of paycheck is subject to step by step verification and various formalities. The earlier the IRS clears the payment the sooner you get your payment. Cash App from its side doesn't take more than 2-3 days to show the payment on the user-wallet.   

Cash App stimulus check pending

There might be so many reasons that lead your stimulus check to the pending status. Mistakes in filling up a form and missing any particular documents always result in a pending stimulus check. So, make sure that you fill up all the details carefully and upload all the documents as demanded. But, what if you have applied already and got the pending status? Worries not! Sometimes it happens due to mismanagement which is quite normal when workload increases. You can wait for a few more days; hopefully, you will get your paycheck. If you don't receive your paycheck then get in touch with the concerning department or contact Cash App customer service.  

Stimulus check failed on Cash App

Let's not forget about limits. Cash App has put limits on money transfer, cash withdrawal, and receiving payments through direct deposit. More specifically, the Cash App direct deposit limit is quite important to know. Note that Cash App allows receiving maximum up to $25000 per transaction and $50,000 in a day through direct deposit. So, the point is, if you have already exceeded the limit then your direct deposit will obviously fail. But, good news is that it will automatically process on the next day as at midnight Cash App direct deposit reset.

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