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Cash App Donations Guide: Can You Use Cash App for donation?

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Cash App Donations Guide: Can You Use Cash App for donation?  class=

Square Cash App might not be the no. 1 payment app in the US but it has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time. Cash App's huge popularity could be credited to some of its great features such as direct deposit, cashapp card, and Cash App investment . But, I bet many of you might not have an idea about Cash App donations. When I realized that many cashapp users are confused about whether or not they can use Cash App for donation, I thought it would be a great idea to write an article on this topic. 

If anyone is not a great fan of reading an article, feel free to contact us. We have answers to all questions. Else, you can continue to read this helping post and educate yourself about how to set up a Cash App for donation. When you complete reading this post, you will have learnt about how to create a Cash App donation button. So, let's get started without any further ado.

Can you use a Cash App for donations?

Yes, if you are a verified Cash App user then you definitely can use your Cash App account for donations. If you are expecting that you will open your Cash App mobile application and a Cash App donation button will come to your view then you are wrong. There is no such option on Cash App. Be informed that the Cash App is not made for donations. It is made to send, receive, and store money. Though there is one such feature that one can use for donations. And that feature name is Cash App cashtag. Let's get over it in detail in the coming section.

Cash App for nonprofit donations

You can think of the nonprofit donation as charity. There are many trusts and nonprofit organizations in the US which work 24 hours to make the world a better place. A task of donation is also considered a holy and sacred act. If you are into any kind of nonprofit work or helping people, society, nature, animal; you can use your favorite money payment app- Cash App. Let's get more specific. If you are a Cash App user and have confirmed your identity on Cash App, you can create a Cash App cashtag link. And use it as a Cash App donation link. Also, if you wish you can attach your $cashapp cashtag on your YouTube channel, social media account, website or blog and use it as a Cash App donation button.

How do I set up donations for Cash App? Good question! Frankly speaking, your first question must be how to create a Cash App cashtag and use it for donation. Let's have a quick look at the below mentioned steps to create a Cash App cashtag link:

  • Open Cash App on your phone.
  • Now from the top right corner select your profile.
  • After that select personal and tap on cashtag.
  • Now after the $ icon type your cashtag id.
  • Make sure you enter a unique and meaningful cashapp cashtag name.
  • Once you create your $cashtad id, your payment link will be created automatically.
  • Finally, tap the set tab to activate your cashtag id.

How to add a Cash App donations button?

Here comes the most exciting part of this blog as we are going to understand how to add a Cash App donation button to your YouTube channel. Why YouTube? You might have this question in your mind. I assume that, as you are reading this post about Cash App for donation, if you don't have a site then at least you must have a YouTube channel. And if you don't have a YouTube channel, sooner or later you will create a YouTube channel. That's why I am going to explain step by step how to use and add Cash App donation to your YouTube channel:

  • Open YouTube and login to your account.
  • From the top right corner select your profile and then choose your channel from the drop down menu.
  • Now choose customized channel.
  • Then select the pencil icon and further choose edit link.
  • Now tap the +add tab available under the custom links.
  • In the first enter the title like Donate through Cash App and then in the second box copy and paste your Cash App $cashtag id.
  • Finally, tap the done button.


As you have read today’s post about Cash App donations, we are sure your all doubts about Cash App for donations must have cleared. If you have any concerns or complaints, let us know. If you like this article then share it with your contacts.

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