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Cash App Clearance Fee Sugar Daddy: True or False?

Does Cash App have a clearance fee?

Square Cash App payment app comes with a broad range of features. Many features are free while some are paid. The challenge is to find what feature is free and what's not. Note that Cash App applies a fee on instant bank deposits, ATM withdrawal, payment using a credit card, and selling and buying Bitcoins. But, the million-dollar question is: Does Cash App apply a clearance fee? Frankly speaking, your question must be: What is the Cash App clearance fee? And what is the connection between the Cash App clearance fee and the sugar daddy scam? People, who have a Cash App business account might ask such questions: Is there a clearance fee on Cash App for business?

Some of you who have been using Cash App for a long time might have heard about Cash App direct deposit fee and Cash App attorney fee as well. The list of Cash App fees is long which might cause confusion sometimes. At times getting confused over anything is in the nature of humans. And a desire to get over the confusion makes a person an intelligent man. So, be intelligent and contact us to get over your confusion related to the Cash App feature, fee, and problems.

Meanwhile, you can walk through this helping guide and educate yourself:  

Is there such a thing as a clearance fee on Cash App?

In simple words, a clearance fee is a small charge or fee charged by a third party to complete the transaction or order. Third parties let the users or account holders use their facilities or services that's why they are entitled to charge a clearance fee. Any agency or company can play the role of a third party. It might be a broker company, clearinghouse, security, or finance company.   

Now coming back to your question: Does Cash App charge a clearance fee? The answer is no. Why? Because there is no involvement of any third party between Cash App and users. Now the biggest question is: Where from the concept of clearance fee on Cash App has come. Let's get over this in detail in the coming section.

Cash App clearance fee sugar daddy

Listen carefully to what I am going to say in this important section. Take it on a serious note that there is no such thing as a clearance fee on Cash App. It is just a new way of scamming. However, the clearance fee scam is not limited to only Cash App. Many other payment apps are flooded with clearance fee scams.

In this scam, a fraudster contacted the Cash App user via email or any social media platform and appears as a sugar daddy.  He promises to pay a big amount under the pretext of aid or any offer. In response to such a luring offer, most of the Cash App users fall for it and they say yes. Further, the scammers ask for some details to make a final payment. But, then comes time to play a trick. They show a fabricated image that reads like your $1000 is pending. You need to pay a clearance fee of $100 to receive this payment in your account.  

And once a Cash App user pays the so-called clearance fee, the next moment scammers disappear never to come back. That's how the Cash app clearance fee sugar daddy scam works. If you have noticed such a scam around you or somebody contacted you as a sugar daddy, don't let pass it off as a common scam. Just share the details with us and we will take severe action against him. 

Cash App clearance fee for a business account

Does Cash App have a clearance fee for a business account? Again the answer is- No. Cash App does not charge any sort of clearance fee for business accounts. Whether you need to receive money from your customers, make a bank transfer, withdraw money at an ATM, or send money using a credit card; you will never find a clearance fee on your Cash App. Though Cash App might charge a fee in accordance with its policies and the type of transaction you are making. For example, for instant bank transfer Cash App might charge you 1.5% of the transaction value, 3% on credit card payments, and $2 on ATM withdrawal. All these fees you will find written on your Cash App screen but clearance fees you will never find.

Cash App automatic deposit fee

Cash App automatic deposit fee is far from the ground reality. Actually, a large number of people are aware of the term “clearance fee scam” on Cash App. That's why scammers have come up with a new phrase such as Cash App automatic deposit fee. There is one such real feature- Cash App direct deposit. It is a direct way to get paid by the employer. But, always remember that Cash App direct deposit service is totally free. From activation of this service to receiving payment everything is free.

Cash App attorney fee

Don't listen to them who say you have to pay the attorney fee through Cash App. Like clearance fee and automatic deposit fee, attorney fee on Cash App is nothing but just a notorious way of scamming people. Never ever believe what people say to you on social media, email, SMS, or even on call. Just believe in your Cash App mobile application and Cash App official website. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.


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