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Cash App Card Designs: 4 Best Cool Cash App Card Designs Ideas

Cash App Card Designs: 4 Best Cool Cash App Card Designs Ideas  class=

There are four types of Cash App card designs 

It would be naive to think that the Cash App card color is always black. However, it was true until a year ago. There was a time when Cash App cards had only one color - black. And their design was also the same. When Square Cash App realized that a product's appearance can have aesthetic and symbolic value for consumers, they decided to come up with a new idea. Last year, Cash App made a big announcement. They allowed Cash App users to personalize their Cash App cards. It means that Cash App users can choose the color and design their cash cards. There are four types of Cash App card designs.

If you don't know, let me tell you that you can choose any among white Cash App card, glow in the dark Cash App card and HBA X Cash App card. However, if you wish, you can continue with the most popularly known black Cash App card. This old Cash App card design in the black color is still the choice of millions. But, what if some of you would like to redesign your Cash App card? Can the old Cash App cardholders change their cash card? How to get glow in a dark Cash App card? What is an HBA X Cash App card? I know you might have such questions in your mind. And we have answers to all such questions. So, let's get in touch and discuss. 

Before I let you know the top four Cash App card designs, it will be better to clear the basics first.

Can I change my Cash App card design?

Yes, you will be glad to know that all Cash App cardholders can change their Cash App card designs with ease of mind. The process to change a Cash App card is quite simple and straightforward. Personally, what I have liked the most is the fact that users can change their cash card directly with the help of the Cash App mobile application. Right through the app, you can personalize your Cash App card. More importantly, now users can choose the emoji to be shown on a Cash App card and can get a cashtag id printed on the card.

How long does it take to get a personalized Cash App card?  

The process to personalize a Cash App card does not take more than 2 minutes. Yes, it is super simple and short. Changing your Cash App card design and color can be a good idea to represent yourself as a trendy person who gets along with the changing world. If you have a Cash App mobile application installed on your phone, you can personalize your Cash App card effortlessly. Once you apply for a new stylish Cash App card, Cash App might take 4-5 working days to deliver your brand new personalized Cash App card. Before you redesign your Cash App card and choose a dark in glow Cash App card, let me clear one more thing.

Note that Cash App charges a $5 fee for changing a Cash App card. It means you need to pay $5 for both Cash App cards: White Cash App card and glow in the dark. But, the Cash App HBA X Card is a little expensive. Cash App charges $35 for an HBA X card. Why? Because the HBA X card has a limited edition. It has been designed by the HBA which is high fashion streetwear.

Cash App HBA X card looks quite different from the typical image of all debit cards. It has multiple grids of EMB-Style chips. According to the reports, it has been designed to mark the partnership of HBA and Square Cash App. And the cost of this card which is up to $35 is donated to the LGBT community.

Coolest Cash App card designs ideas

Black Cash App card design: This card design is old but still in fashion. Actually, black color is considered as a sign of strength, power, and status. That's the main reason why black color has always been in fashion and will always be in the future. Also, note that when any Cash App user orders his first Cash App card, Cash App sends a black card for free. Meanwhile, for other cards, you might have to pay a fee. 

White Cash App card design: People who love white color can order white cards from Cash App. White is a color of openness and fearlessness. This white card will surely suit your fearless personality.

Cash App X HBA card design: If you are a supporter of the LGBT community and want to help them, you can get a Cash App HBA X card for $35. By ordering this multiple grid of EMB-Style chips cards you can strengthen the voice of all lesbians and gays in the US.

Glow in the dark Cash App card design: Glow in the dark is not just merely a name of a Cash App card. This card, as the name indicates, glows in the dark. Glow in the dark card can enhance your sense of happiness and cheerfulness. This card in your hand represents you as a stylish person who has plenty of confidence and a desire to live life to the fullest level.

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How to get Cash App card designs glow in the dark?

As in the last section we have learned about the cool Cash App card ideas, now let's move to our next important question: How do I redesign my Cash App card? Whether you want to get a Cash App HBA X card or glow in the dark card, the process is the same. Below are the steps to follow:


  • Open Cash App mobile application on your phone.
  • Tap the card-shaped icon.
  • Select redesign cash card.
  • Scroll up and down to find and select your favorite card.
  • Turn off the toggle button if you don't want your cashtag id to be printed on your card.
  • Now tap the smiley face icon if you want any emoji or symbol to appear on your card.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and enter your address where you want the delivery of your card.
  • Finally, enter your Cash App PIN to confirm your identity as an account holder.
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