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Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address: Full Guide To Cash App Bitcoin Verification

Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address: Full Guide To Cash App Bitcoin Verification  class=

If you are a proud Cash App user and love Bitcoin then you must learn: how to set up Cash App Bitcoin wallet. Why? Until and unless you set up your Cash App Bitcoin wallet address or verify your Cash App Bitcoin wallet, you can't send and receive Bitcoin to and from Cash App. But, if you don't know how to verify Cash App Bitcoin wallet, you don't need to worry. You can contact us and get assistance from professionals. Else, you can read this article and verify your Cash App account for Bitcoin. Frankly speaking, your first question must be: where is Cash App Bitcoin wallet address?

How to find Cash App Bitcoin wallet address

Where is Bitcoin wallet address on Cash App? This is quite a common question that comes to mind of every Cash App user before sending and receiving BTC. Many Cash App users think that Cash App does not have its own Bitcoin wallet address due to which BTC could not be received on Cash App. It has become a matter of the past. Now the Cash App has changed a lot. Gladly, now Cash App has developed its own unique Bitcoin wallet address. And you can find your own exclusive Bitcoin wallet address in your Cash App mobile application. But before that you need to verify your Cash App Bitcoin wallet. Once you clear the Cash App Bitcoin verification, your Bitcoin wallet address will be available on your Cash App account. 

Cash App Bitcoin wallet verification

Have you ever thought about withdrawing Bitcoin from Cash App to a different wallet? If yes then hold on for one minute. Whether you need to find your Cash App BTC wallet address or withdraw BTC, you need to upload your photo id proof and confirm your identity. These are the steps to follow:

  • Open Cash App and tap the bottom left icon. 
  • Scroll down a little and tap Bitcoin.
  • The next screen will open up with Bitcoin balance and a message that reads "Enable Withdrawals and Deposits". Tap on it.
  • Select investing as the main reason you use Bitcoin.
  • Now choose your main source of income. You can select occupation or any other option as you wish. 
  • Further then mention your job title.
  • Here comes the most important step. You need to upload the both side of your driving license or any other Government approved photo id proof.
  • Now you need to wait up to a few hours to one day to get confirmation for successful Bitcoin verification. 
  • Once you clear the verification, you will find your Cash App Bitcoin wallet address in your Bitcoin section along with the option to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin.

Cash App Bitcoin fee

Cash App Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee is none. Yes, I am repeating, Cash App does not charge any fee for Bitcoin withdrawal. You can send BTC from the Cash App to any other wallet for free. But, this is not the case with Bitcoin selling and buying. When it comes to selling or buying BTC, Cash App charges two types of fees. One is service fee for each transaction and second is additional fee. Both fees are dynamic and determined by the market. You will come to know about the exact amount at the time of selling and buying BTC on Cash App.

How to send Bitcoin on Cash App?

Can you send Bitcoin from Cash App to another wallet? Yes, of course, if you have successfully verified your Cash App Bitcoin wallet, you definitely can send Bitcoin from Cash App to any other app. Here below are the steps about how to send BTC from Cash App to any other app:

  • Open the Cash App and tap the investment icon ( a twisted line icon).
  • Now select the Bitcoin and tap send Bitcoin.
  • After that enter the Bitcoins you want to send.
  • Enter or copy-paste the Bitcoin address of another wallet in the "to section".
  • Tap confirm and then enter your Cash App PIN to complete the withdrawal.

How to receive Bitcoin from other wallets on Cash App?

The process to receive BTC on Cash App from different wallets is quite simple as well as free. All you need is just copy and share either your Cash App wallet address or QR code with another person who wants to send Bitcoin to your Cash App wallet. Tap the investing icon (a twisted line) and select deposit. Now copy and share your unique Cash App wallet address. Or simply just ask the person to scan your QR code if the sender is in front of you.

Cash App Bitcoin wallet verification denied- possible reasons!

There are two main reasons that might lead your Cash App Bitcoin verification to failure. One is uploading unclear photo id proof. And second is not verifying your identity on the Cash App. Before we end this post, let me clarify one more thing. Cash App identity verification is a different kind of verification which is also very important. Read more about how to verify your identity on Cash App? 

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