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Cash App Bank Name For Direct Deposit And Cash Card

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User query: Hi! I am a new user of Cash App. I have just one simple question to ask. What bank name to use with Cash App direct deposit? When I Google it out I found many different answers to this same question. It will be appreciable if you can tell me how to figure out which bank my Cash App account uses. Thanks.

When we received a lot of queries as one mentioned above about the Cash App bank name then we thought it would be a great idea to write on this topic today. So, to make sure you don't make even a small mistake while setting up your direct deposit, you better contact us. Now let's start from the basics.

Cash App by Square comes with a lot of benefits. Among so many benefits, one is Cash App direct deposit. It is a direct way to get your monthly salary from your employer. More importantly, with the help of direct deposit service, you can receive stimulus checks, tax refunds, unemployment aid and so many other types of payments released by the IRS and other federal agencies from time to time. But, if you don't know the Cash App bank name, you might find it difficult to enable direct deposit service on Cash App. 

What is a Cash App bank name and address?

Have you ever wondered why Cash App direct deposit service is so fast, safe, and convenient? Which bank issues a Cash App card? If yes then you can relax as I have got answers to all these commonly asked questions about Cash App bank details.

Note that your favorite payment app: Cash App is associated with more than one reputable bank. According to the Cash App website, Lincoln Saving Bank and Sutton Bank are in collaboration with Square Cash App. These two banks help Cash App to run its operations in the US. A larger portion of the Cash App funds store in these two banks. 

What is Cash App direct deposit bank name?

There are two Cash App bank names for direct deposit: Lincoln Saving Bank and Sutton Bank. However, Sutton Bank is largely involved in issuing Cash App cards. And Lincoln Saving Bank is involved in managing the direct deposit services. But, Sutton Bank manages direct deposit as well to some extent. So, the only way to overcome the confusion is to check out your Cash App mobile application. Most probably, you will find any one of these bank two banks name and their routing number. With the help of the routing number, you can search for a bank address on Google.

How to find which bank is linked to your Cash App account for direct deposit?

The process to find out the Cash App bank name and bank address does not take more than two minutes. Following are the steps to follow to find your exclusive Cash App bank name on Cash App application:

  • First, launch the Cash App mobile application.
  • Tap the balance tab.
  • Now select deposit and transfers.
  • Navigate downwards to find your Cash App routing number.
  • Just below the routing number, a Cash App bank name will be mentioned.
  • It might be Lincoln Saving Bank or Sutton Bank.
  • Now copy the routing number and paste in Google search bar and tap search.
  • Finally, you will get the Cash App bank address as well.

Do you know ‘what bank does Cash App use’?

Well, Cash App uses or partners with two different banks: Lincoln Savings bank and Sutton bank. Both the banks handle different tasks: here Sutton bank manages Cash App Cash Card issuing and Lincoln Savings Bank manages customer’s direct deposit. You can follow these steps to find which one is associated with your account. Firstly, open the Cash App > go to “Banking tab” >now tap the routing and account number shown below your account balance. Many of the users want to know ‘is Cash App a bank?’ Well, Cash App is not a bank. However, it offers banking services through its partner banks. As per the Cash App data, it boasts of having 30 million active users in the US. The Federal Deposit Insurance corporation insures your Cash App balance even by the partner banks. Cash App is popular for instant money transfer and for two days earlier direct deposits.

What bank issues Cash App cards?

Cash App bank name for cash card is Sutton bank. Only Sutton Bank issues cash cards for Cash App. But, let me clarify one important thing. Sutton Bank is not responsible for handling any kind of concern related to your Cash App card. For example, if your Cash App card is not functioning, expired, lost, or damaged then you need to contact Cash App customer service, not Sutton Bank.

Can I log into Sutton Bank with a Cash App?

No, you can't login to Sutton Bank with the Cash App. If you have signed up with Sutton Bank then you can log in to Sutton Bank with your login credentials on the site or app of Sutton Bank. On the other hand, Cash App login is only possible with a registered phone number and email id on Cash App official website and mobile application.

How to find which bank has issued your Cash App card?

There are two simple ways to find out which bank has issued your Cash App card. First, have a closer look at both sides of your Cash App card. Somewhere in small letters, a bank name would be written. Else, tap the card-shaped icon available on the home screen of your Cash App. The next screen will open up with cash card details. 

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