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What Bank Names Does Cash App Use? Are Sutton and Lincoin Saving Cash App Bank Names?

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What Bank Names Does Cash App Use? Are Sutton and Lincoin Saving Cash App Bank Names?  class=

In recent year a  lot of things have changed . Among so many things, your favourite payment app – Cash App has also changed. With the introduction of many advanced features like direct deposit, borrowing money, and a free debit card; Cash App seems to be appearing as an alternative option to a bank. But the fact is Cash App is not a bank; even not closed to a bank. Now you might be wondering if Cash App is not a bank, then what to enter as a Cash App bank name, routing number, and bank address for direct deposit on the portal of any third party?

Any one name of these two banks would be applicable for your direct deposit: Sutton Bank and Lincoln Saving Bank. Though the Cash App doesn't have many banking partners, still users get confused and guess the name for Cash App. You should avoid making such mistakes.

Always Check Your Cash App Bank Name

Entering the wrong bank name for Cash App while setting up a direct deposit on IRS or any other portal can result in unexpected delay or failure of your Cash App direct deposit. Hence, it is important to check carefully which bank name links to your Cash App account.

Before I help you understand how to check your bank name on Cash App, understanding the fact that Sutton is not a Cash App is important. So, let’s get started with what Sutton Bank has mentioned on its official website.

Sutton Bank is Not Cash App – Says Sutton Website 

Sutton Bank has clearly stated on its website that Sutton Bank doesn’t maintain, manage, or control the Cash App account. Thereby, Sutton Bank can’t be held responsible for any kind of delay, failure, and missing payment. It further clarified that Sutton Bank also doesn’t support Cash App login or account access in any way. Almost the same claim is made by the Lincoln Saving Banks website.

So, what’s the connection of Sutton Bank to Cash App? Why is Sutton considered to be a bank name for Cash App? What about Lincoln Savings Bank? Why do many people out of confusion think that Lincoln Saving Bank's name could be used for a Cash App? The partnership of these two banks with Cash App can be blamed for the confusion. Here below is the relationship of Cash App with its partner banks. 

Connection Between Sutton/Lincoln Saving Bank and Cash App

Sutton Bank and Lincoln Saving Banks are two separate and independent banks in the US, providing all kinds of banking services to customers. Apart from serving a broad range of banking services to the customers, Sutton Bank and Lincoln Saving Bank support two premium services of Cash App. Those Cash App services are Cash App debit card and direct deposit. Other than giving backend support to these two important services, Sutton and Lincoln Saving Banks have nothing to do with Cash App. 

How Do I Find My Bank Name for a Cash App?

Usually, for sending or receiving the money to and from contacts, Cash App users are not required to find out their bank name for Cash App. Also, there is no use of the Cash App bank name for activating your Cash App card. In the process of Cash App card activation, Cash App will not ask you to enter your bank name. What it will ask you to do is to scan a QR code or enter the CVV code instead.

The same is true with setting up a direct deposit on Cash App. You are not required to find out your cashapp bank name for setting up the direct deposit. Even more so, while enabling direct deposit, now the Cash App doesn’t show the name of the bank. However, in the old version of Cash App, the bank name for direct deposit used to be visible. Now the Cash App just shows “Banking details are provided by the partner banks”. This message appears above the Cash App routing number and account number. So, the idea here is to google out the routing number that you can see on your Cash App wallet under the banking details. These are the steps to check your routing number to find out your bank name for the Cash App.

  • Launch the Cash App and log in (if required).
  • Now tap the Banking tab.
  • Scroll down and select transfer & deposit.
  • Then, select Direct Deposit.
  • The next screen will open up showing you your routing number.
  • Now simply copy the routing number and search it on Google to find what bank name links to your Cash App account.

Note: 041215663 – This routing number belongs to Sutton Bank for Cash App. On the other hand, the 073905527 – this number belongs to Lincoln Savings Bank. Whichever number you find on your Cash App use that name for direct deposit. 


Is Sutton a Cash App Bank Name for Direct Deposit? 

Sutton Bank largely supports the cash card services of Cash App. But still, it is highly recommended to find out exactly what routing number has been mentioned on your wallet. Some users might find Lincoln Saving Bank’s routing number for direct deposit, depending upon their location.

What Bank Name to Use for a Cash App Card? 

If you want to know your Cash App bank name to activate your Cash App card then worry not. Your bank name has nothing to do with your Cash App card activation process. In case you just have to know which bank has issued your Cash App card then the answer is – Sutton Bank.

What is the Cash App bank name on Plaid? 

As Cash App is not a bank, so you will not find anywhere mentioned – “Cash App” as your bank on Plaid. But you certainly will find its partner bank name which is Lincoln Savings Bank.

How do I Find My Cash App Bank Name on the App? 

The Cash App doesn’t show the bank name. Now it shows only the routing number. With the help of the routing number, you can find out your Cash App bank name and its address for direct deposit payments. Just for your kind information here I have mentioned the address of both banks for Cash App direct deposit:

  • Sutton bank for Cash App Direct Deposit 

           1S Main St, Attica, OH 44807

  • Lincoln Saving Bank address for Cash App direct deposit is:

            508 Main St. Reinbeck, IA 50669 

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