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Can you Send Money from a Cash App Account to Google Pay?

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Can you Send Money from a Cash App Account to Google Pay?  class=

There is no direct way to send money from the Cash App to your Google Pay account. 

While Google Pay is famous and used worldwide, Cash App is most popular in the US and the UK. The Square Cash App team is diligently working to expand its services and reach an audience in other countries. 

Can you use your Cash App money through Google Pay? What are the options for sending money from a Cash App to Google Pay? Does the Cash App charge a fee to transfer money to Google Pay? 

Is it Legit to Transfer Money from Cash App to Google Pay? 

Cash App and Google Pay have no feature to accept direct payments from each other. Both electronic fund transfer applications may collaborate to transfer money from Cash App to GPay and vice versa, without a bank transfer or cash card. 

Can you Transfer Money to Google Pay Through your Linked Bank Account in Cash App? 

You are going out of the US or where you cannot use a Cash App. So you want money in your Gpay from your Cash App. In this case, what can you do to send money from a Cash App to Google Pay? 

Transfer money from your Cash App to a linked bank account to use this money through Google Pay. 

Here are the steps to add funds to your bank account from a Cash App. Remember you can transfer funds to your linked bank account to Cash App. 

  • Login to our Cash App account 
  • Go to the $ section where you check the balance in your account 
  • Click on the Cash Out button 
  • Enter how much money you want to add to your bank account from a Cash App 
  • Select the transaction mode
  • Start the transferring process using your authenticated Touch Id or PIN
  • Click on the green button stating done 

Now you know how to send money from a Cash App to Google Pay. Here is another option to link Google Pay with Cash App.

Can you Add a Cash App Card to Google Pay to Pay via Cash App? 

These are the steps to connect your Cash App debit card with your Google Pay so that you can pay through your Cash App. 

  • Go to the Cash App home screen and click on the cash-shaped icon. 
  • Now scroll down, and click on the add to Gpay option.
  • Enter your Cash Card details like number, CVV, expiration date, etc. 
  • After that, you go to Gpay, where you follow the instructions on your screen.

Feel free to contact Cash App customer care service if you face any issues completing the process to link your Cash App debit card to Google Pay. 


There is no direct method to connect your Gpay to Cash App and send money from Cash App to Google Pay. Bank transfer and linking your Cash App debit card to Google Pay are the only two ways to complete this task. In the future, Cash App may develop a feature to connect with Gpay or other electronic money transfer applications.

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