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How to add money to Wisely Card: A Step-by-Step guide 2023

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How to add money to Wisely Card: A Step-by-Step guide 2022  class=

Do you want to know the answer to  “can you use a Wisely card on Cash App?” To know how to add money to a Wisely Card, keep reading till the end. 

Quick answer 

Yes, you can add money to Wisely card through Cash App or other peer-to-peer payment app. You can use a Wisely card on Cash App to transfer money between them 

What is Wisely Card?

A Wisely card is a prepaid card and an alternative to direct deposit. Since it is an alternative to direct deposit, anyone you don’t want to use direct deposit can use Wisely card. ADP issues this card for payroll.

How does it work?

It works like a debit card which you can use to make purchases, pay bills, and withdraw money from ATMs. 

It saves your time as you can access your paycheck. You save your time if you use this card as you don’t need to go to the cashier’s office to get your paper check. Further, Wisely card is one of the prepaid cards that is accepted on Cash App. 


Can you use a Wisely Card on Cash App?

Cash App supports only a few prepaid cards but Wisely is one of those few prepaid cards. 

Yes, you can use Wisely on Cash App for making transactions. However, the negative side of these cards is that they allow you to deposit money from your card into your Cash App account. Further, you have to choose a debit or credit card to make payments transfers between Cash App and your card. 


Before you transfer money from Wisely to a Cash App, you have to link both of them together.

How to link  Wisely prepaid card to Cash App Card

As mentioned above, you can add your Wisely card to the Cash App Card. Cash App allows you to link multiple cards and Wisely is one of them. If you worried about how this happen, follow the steps as shown below to link your Wisely card to Cash App: 

  1. Open the Cash App on your smartphone device 
  2. Scroll down to the Balance tab (house icon) in the lower-left corner and click on it
  3. Navigate until you find Wisely Card and tap on it
  4. Enter the Wisely card information such as card number, expiration date and then follow the On-screen prompts. 
  5. Once you enter the required card information, tap the “Add Card” option you can locate at the bottom. 
  6. Now, you will be required to enter your credit card number as prompted. 
  7. Your Wisely card links automatically when you enter your Wisely card.


5 Possible reasons why users fail to connect Wisely to Cash App

Sometimes, users encounter an error while linking Wisely to Cash App. Don’t worry, as the majority of the issues are easy to resolve. We are mentioning some of the common reasons below:


  • Your Cash App may have linked with another card

Cash App supports one card at a time and you may encounter an error while adding a Wisely card on Cash App if you have already linked Cash App to another card. 

  • Your card may have linked with another Cash App

You can’t link your Wisely to the multiple Cash App accounts if you have already added it with one account. Unfortunately, it will not work when you try to link with your family members' Cash App accounts. 

  • Using Outdated version of Cash App

If you encounter an error while adding Wisely to your Cash App, one of the reasons may be Outdated version of the Cash App. if you have not updated the latest version of Cash App, it may reject your Wisely card. 

  • Entering incorrect Card detail

Sometimes, you make error while entering card information such as card number, DOB, and even your name. In this Case, the Cash App rejects your Wisely card, throwing an error on your device. 

  • Your Wisely Card may be expired or deactivated

One of the reasons why Cash App has rejected your Wisely card is to try to use an expired or deactivated card. Cash App disables your expired card as a fraud prevention measure. 

How to add money to Wisely Card

You can add money to Wisely Card at nearly all major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven etc. there are over 70,000 locations nationwide where you can add money to your Wisely card by just handing over the amount you want to add to the cashier there. This is how to add money to Wisely Card at retail stores. 


Note: You should go through the Wisely card load limits. You can check it on the official website of Wisely. Also, there are Card loading service charges at retail stores. 


The above post is useful for getting answers regarding how you can use Wisely card on Cash App. Finally, we assume that you might have got an answer for ‘how to add money to Wisely Card and can you use Wisely Card on Cash App?’ Lastly, you can use your Wisely card on Cash App and some users also encounter problems or errors while adding Wisely on Cash App. This post contains the common reasons why you encounter an error while adding them together.

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